7 Stunning Examples of Masonry-Style Blogs

Masonry Style
Written by Ashok Tata

The blog layout and design have a great impact on its success. Your site should not be too cluttered, busy or unappealing to your visitors. Checkout masonry-style templates. They have clutter free, the style can make your site look unique and refreshing. The layouts are so flexible and matches your branding.

There are hundreds of masonry style blogs across the globe for your inspiration. In this article, we’ll highlight five examples, covering niches such as art, beauty, food and more. Let’s take a look at each blog – – highlighting their features and outlining their pros and cons.

1. Curioos


Curioos is an art prints blog, featuring work from the Curioos artist marketplace. With a clean design featuring a solid white background, a black header bar, and crisp text, this masonry-style blog focuses your full attention on each featured print – an important aspect of an image-heavy blog.

In addition to the masonry layout, the site also incorporates features such as a Pinterest button (which enables readers to share their favorite prints with a simple click), and infinite scrolling to help keep visitors wedded to the content.

2. Green Kitchen Stories


Green Kitchen Stories is – you guessed it! – a food blog, featuring a thin-width display and overlay text that displays on hovering over each image. These design elements enable the featured images to do the talking, and it provides users with a fresh pop of color and an easy-to-navigate site.

The tiles’ border width provides a natural division line, and the slim look contributes significantly to the site’s seamless display. Scrolling down displays a static Previous Posts arrow on the left-hand side, making it a breeze to navigate throughout the site.



OMFG. SO GOOD. is a comfort food blog based on that leverages the masonry-style layout with a full-width display and infinite scrolling.

Each of the tiles is split into two parts – an image on the top, and text underneath – with distinct and separate outlines. As with the other featured sites here, OMFG. SO GOOD. also incorporates a white background, which helps the website appear clean and uncluttered.

4. Jam & Toast


Jam & Toast – a poetry and design blog – utilizes a soft, grey background, static left-hand navigation, and image overlays to create a unique website with a masonry layout that stands out from the crowd.

As you scroll through the site, you’ll also notice a nifty back-to-top button in the lower right corner for ease of navigation. Jam & Toast is a good example of how versatile a masonry layout can be, and uses a mix of text and image tiles on the main page.

9. Vanity Teen


Vanity Teen offers the clean lines you’d expect from a teen style and fashion blog. It features a white background and black text, but also uses salmon pink borders to break up each masonry tile. While there’s no image hover effect or infinite scrolling, the design is an excellent example of the versatility that masonry style blogs offer.

Similar to many other sites, Vanity Teen includes a scrolling header. It also offers a ‘back-to-top’ arrow – just like Jam & Toast – which is an understated feature that’s important for user experience.


Regardless of your niche, there are two main elements that every blog needs to incorporate – style and functionality. The former heavily impacts on the user’s experience, and determines how content is delivered and consumed. Functionality also lends itself to a better reading experience and can even boost your blog’s search engine rankings.

As we’ve shown, masonry style blogs deliver content in a cohesive and functional manner. In addition, a masonry layout can offer flexibility, making it an excellent option for bloggers across a variety of niches. No matter what look you’re going for, there’s sure to be a style here that inspires you!

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