Blogging vs. Which one to choose? vs.
Written by Ashok Tata

Many entry level bloggers are often get confused about what to choose? A (self hosted) or free Today we will discuss about this with side by side comparison infographic with pros and cons of vs. FREE*. At the end we will also let you know our recommendation.

Note: The main goal of this infographic is to compare Self Hosted vs. FREE*. vs (Infographic here)

WordPress Comparision vs  – a more in-depth take
Offers free hosting, but limits your website space to 3GB. Doesn’t come with free hosting. You’ll have to look for a host yourself, and pay for it separately.
Gives you a free sub domain. Something like If you want a custom domain, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.  You need to get a custom domain on your own (additional costs apply).
You get basic security and backups handled for you. There’s some level of security from your web host, but for the most part, you need to secure your website yourself (through third-party WordPress plugins). Same goes for backups – those you need to enable via plugins as well (one of the best ways to do so is with the “Personal” plan of the Jetpack plugin).
Everything about the technical performance of your website is handled by the team behind If something doesn’t work at some point, you can’t do anything but wait for the team to fix the issue. You get to choose the plugins and the performance settings of your website. It requires some work, but you are in full control of what happens on your site.
Offers a limited number of themes for you to choose from. It comes with limited customization options as well. Lets you take and install any theme you want, and also do all the customization you want. You can also create your own themes if you know your way around PHP source code.
Doesn’t allow you to use any third-party plugins. You only get a narrow range of pre-built features. You can’t add extra features to your site that aren’t already provided by the default environment. offers you the freedom to install any free or premium plugin you want. This is vital if you want to customize your site to the point where it fits your needs hand-in-glove.
You can’t have your own ads on your site. However, displays *their* ads on your site – that’s the price you pay for having the platform for free. You can have as many ads and as many forms of monetization as you like (also, choose any ad service you want). The good news is that you keep 100% of your earnings. vs (Which one is Better for You?) is for personal bloggers who just want to share information and donot care about monetization/make money blogging. If you wish you make a blogging career, them you should go to self-hosted although you need to spend some money for self-hosted plan, its very cheap and you have complete control over the blog and all money made is yours.

If you use, buy their domain ($17 per year), pay for ad-free option ($29.97 per year), and get custom design upgrade ($30 per year). That total is coming to  $76.97, and still you have no full control on your blog.

For, you can buy Bluehost (officially recommended by WordPress) which costs $3.95 per month so $47.4 per year, and it includes a free domain name, Free SSL. There are other service providers that you can choose from, but you wont get free domain and SSL.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog.

We hoped you like our infograph. Please post comments in comments section if you have any questions.

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  • Hi Ashok,

    Agreed 100% on your final verdict buddy 😉 Gotta go with dot org if you want to build a professional blog. No contest really. If however you are solely hobby hunting and have zero aspirations, and want to publish a cyber diary that nobody reads but you, dot com is A-OK.

    Cool blog 😉 I found you via the Warrior Forum.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂