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What is Clickbank and How to Make Money From it ?

Written by Ashok Tata

Clickbank is one among the top affiliate marketing network in the world with tons of product creators, advertisers list their products and offers on this site and allow affiliates/publishers make money promoting their products using a blog or referral link to make a sale. Clickbank industry standard is 70% commission for every product sold by publisher or affiliate marketer.


What you will learn today

  • What is ClickBank and how to make money from it
  • How to pick right products to promote
  • The most common and easy ways to promote products of ClickBank

Clickbank is free to join, there is no screening and paperwork or agreements needed. As an affiliate marketer you can simply join them, create unique links for thousands of products in your niche and start promoting using your blog, social media or SEO to drive good amount of traffic. When your readers find interesting stuff, clicks through your affiliate link and make a sale, you will earn commissions in real-time.  Just go to their home page and click on register to get started.

Clickbank for Product Owners

If you are a service provider or product owner looking for sales, you can signup with clickbank and they will take care of the rest and offers a affiliate program for it, they have a simple pricing when you got a sale their charges are $1+7.5% of the sales. Most advertisers use clickbank to get started, and eventually move out if they have serious sales volume there after.

Pros & cons of ClickBank

Clickbank is a wonderful place for newbie affiliate marketers to start as its easy to signup, donot need approval for 90-95% of offers and can start selling immediately. its a huge plus as you don’t need to show track record unlike other affiliate marketing companies.

Here’s a list of pros & cons of Clickbank:

  • Very high quality offers to choose from
  • Commission is high, over 70-75% usually
  • There are recurring offers so you make regular income
  • Easy to get enrolled and start promoting

Cons of Clickbank:

  • Lot of shitty stuff (products and sales pages)
  • Lots of competition (for popular product line)
  • Its very hard to tell which one gives more ROI
  • Highly priced for advertisers to promote

Some of the clickbank metrics you should know

  • Initial $/sale: The average amount affiliates makes per sale.
  • Avg Rebill Total: Average money affiliates take as a commission in the form of rebills.
  • Grav: Gravity, number of products sold via affiliate in a span of 12 weeks
  • Avg %/Rebill: Percentage of average rebills paid to affiliate.

How to choose the right product to promote?

Here are some important steps to see when choosing the right product to promote.

  • Always choose lowest priced initial offer with minimum 3 up sales
  • Landing and Sales pages with a video demonstration of the product
  • Products with good online reviews are likely get more sales
  • Gravity of the product above 20, which means high sales volume. The more is good.

Now quickly we will see how to create affiliate links and tracking ids.

Affiliate and tracking link generation helps you to track conversions of your product you promote,  and you will be able to know which email or landing pages convert or don’t convert. In order to create TID (tracking ID), just add and create your link in the “Tracking ID” filed.

How to promote Clickbank products

You should write quality and honest reviews about the product you promote, spend time to read pros and cons of the product, user reviews etc and write a compelling article which adds value to your readers and there are much chances they convert well and sales happen.

There are three main ways to getting traffic:

  • SEO – if you are a content creator, optimize the content for search engines, do guest posts, blog commenting etc.
  • Social Media – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, google plus will drive you quality traffic, post your article and link to your blog in relevant groups
  • Optins – build a great subscriber base and periodically send emails and posts to them.

There is a unlimited potential to earn from clickbank affiliate. I hope this beginner guide to Clickbank affiliate marketing helps you understand and get started. please feel free to ask me any questions you have from the comments below and thanks for reading my article.

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