How blog commenting helps to get a lot of traffic to your blog?

Written by Ashok Tata

When you are new to blogging, your goal is to drive traffic, get more readers and subscribers. Out of these three, I personally recommend all bloggers should focus on getting more subscribers as they build trust with you and can be returning visitors. Getting subscribers to a new blog is not a easy task. Today i will share you some successful tips to help you get targeted traffic and then turn them in to your blog subscribers.

Let’s see how blog commenting can help you gain good traffic to your blog.

blog commenting

The Strategy is very simple. You need to dedicate 1 hour a day for commenting.

Identify your niche competitors and select top 5 (Make sure that the target users are same as yours). Track all the feeds using a tool “FeedDemon” & manage your folders. (You can create different folders for different type of blogs that you target to comment on them and get more subscribers)

Make sure all the blogs you choose belongs to same niche. For example, my niche is blogging and make money so, i will creare folders for the same and my folders will look like these.

  • Popular blogs with blogging niche
  • Blogs using Top Commentator plugin
  • Blogs using CommentLuv plugin

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Commenting on popular blogs will surely help you get some decent traffic, only if the quality of the content on my blog is compelling and more interesting to read. Back links from high quality relevant blogs will give you a lot of SEO Advantage too. If you blog is enabled with CommentLuv plugin, it helps you showcase your latest article and gives you lots of exposure.

Spend at least 30-60 minutes a day commenting on these blogs. Instead of just commenting “Nice! Thank you!” or “Great post!”, write some meaningful comments which adds value to readers.

Always keep a track of blog updates using Twitter, you will get a chance to comment first on blog posts. The first comment will get more traffic and thus this comment is more beneficial.

Suppose you’re the first one to comment on a latest post published at, and the first day you may get ten hits from my site, and the next day it goes down, and gradually decreases from there. It will still continue giving traffic once in a while.

Now showcase your best content to your readers.

Focus on the following additional factors which will help you as well:

  • Your blog theme
  • Email subscription option (Use Mail Chimp or Feed burner)
  • Easy to navigate on your blog (Responsive)
  • Quality of your content.
  • Call to action at the end.

Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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